When to do a 3D/4D 5D/HD Ultrasound?

Ultrasound Gender Determination

This is a very common question and there are a few different things to consider when picking a time to do your ultrasound.

Gender can be accurately determined after 14 weeks with ultrasound and only 6 weeks with DNA blood draw.  At this time you can see more of your baby and the amazing development already underway. We often get asked if we are able to determine gender prior to 14 weeks. We recently conducted a trial to test our accuracy prior to 14 weeks, and while we were right more than we were wrong we did not feel that the rate of accuracy was high enough for our standards.  DNA has provided 100% accuracy in over 7 years at 6+ weeks along.
So many important decisions, feelings and plans will be made based on baby’s gender. We want to feel confident in baby’s development and the images we obtain before telling you to go and buy pink or blue.

Between 24-26 weeks facial features are becoming more defined. If you are having multiples this is also a good time to capture 3D/4D 5D/HD pictures of the babies.

If you are only going to have one elective ultrasound, between 27-32 weeks is the BEST TIME. The baby has had time to build up body fat, but still has room to move around.

Between 33-37 weeks is also a great time, if baby will cooperate. Because the baby is getting larger and may start to drop… getting the desired facial pictures becomes a little more challenging, but you will be rewarded with huge chubby cheeks if the baby allows themselves to be seen!